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Thank you for entrusting the care of your septic system to Northwest Septic Operation & Maintenance.  We work hard for our customers 24/7 and know you will be one of our many satisfied customers.

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NW Septic Operation and Maintenance Agreement

Type of System (required)

Date (required)

This agreement is made by the previously entered date by and between owner(s) of said real property, described as by Tax Assessor number of

and having a physical address of

, and agent(s) for NW Septic Operation and Maintenance. Contract Beginning date is Today and the contract expiration date is open.

Owner(s) Name (required)

Inspections and monitoring of this system will comply with the OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE schedule as set forth by the local health department. The agent(s) will generate a performance report and deliver a copy of this report to the local health department,a nd the septic system owner, as well as maintain a copy in our office.

If and when the above mentioned property/home is sold or title transferred, the new owner(s) must be advised and assume the owner(s) responsibility under this agreement. This agreement will be effective immediately once signed by the current owner(s) and the agent(s) for NW Septic Operation and Maintenance, and end on the expiration date.

If this agreement is cancelled, for any reason,the agent(s) will notify the local health department within 30 days of said cancellation.

Operation and Maintenance does not guarantee trouble free use, or that the system will function without failure. The agent(s) assume no responsibility for this system if it should fail for any reason. This includes, but not limited to, backing up into the home, or surfacing onto the surface of the ground.

All notices pertaining to this agreement are to be in writing, and transmitted by the U.S. Mail, express or courier service faxed or hand delivery.

If required for any reason the owner(s) are responsible for all cost associated with effluent testing, monitoring, collecting of samples, delivery to a laboratory fees. If these costs are not paid by the owner(s) the agent(s) reserve the right to cancel t his agreement upon a written notice to the owner(s).

Services not covered:
1. Unscheduled service calls. Owners may be billed accordingly.
2. Costs of pumping tanks, jetting lines,vacuuming lines,replacing broken or worn parts or anything else not in the realm of Operation and Maintenance
3. Removing dirt to get access to the system components. O wner(s) may be billed accordingly.
4. Retro fitting any element of the system. This can be contracted with the agent(s).

Owner(s) responsibilities:
1. Complying with the instructions of the agent(s) pertaining to the Operation and Maintenance.
2. Keeping all components of this system accessible for maintenance and testing at all times.
3. Use of a water source for cleaning filling and etc.
4. Notifing the agent(s) of any problem that arises with the functioning of the system.
5. Keep unqualified persons from tampering with the floats,s witches,alarms,timers,and etc.
6. Granting the agent(s) and the local health department official's access to the property for inspections at any time.
7. Following the guide lines as to what is put into this septic system.
8. Following the recommended care of this system.

If for any reasont the system is not accessible for testing, and monitoring, measuring, or maintenance then the agent(s) shall not be held liable for lack of maintenance until the system becomes accessible. The access must be provided by the owner(s).

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