Reasons Why You Should Avoid Burying Access to Your Septic Tank


One frequent misstep many homeowners with residential or commercial septic systems make is burying access to their septic tank, turning it into a hidden treasure hunt rather than a vital component of property management. They may find the exposed access point visually unattractive and disruptive to their landscape’s overall aesthetics, so they bury it to […]

Winter Septic Tank Care: Common Issues and Effective Solutions


During winter, your septic system is under unique stress. Cold weather, ice, snow, and a surge in house guests can all contribute to problems that can seriously damage your septic tank. From the frozen ground below to reduced bacterial activity, all of these can cause major damage to septic tanks in Bainbridge Island, Poulsbo, and […]

Winterize Your Septic Tank for Optimal Performance and Durability!


Homeowners focus on the numerous chores necessary to get their properties ready for the winter as it draws near. There are plenty of winterization tasks to complete, ranging from caulking drafty windows to insulating pipes. Still, the septic system is an important component that is sometimes disregarded. The infrastructure of your house relies heavily on […]